Dr Julie Nelson, TCM at Qi Integrative Health – treats stress, repetitive strain, injury, improper diet and emotional trauma

Karim Karim at Therapia Centre


Dr Marcia Halajeski –  at Modern Holistic Chriopractor – specializes in TMJ and general health issues

Dr Jane Peterson – at Be chiropractic Wellness –

Dr Emily Edwards – at Be chiropractic Wellness –

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr Brett Simpson at the IV Centre Yaletown  –

Dr Julie Cahill – Qi Integrative Health  –


Alaia Physiotherapy Sports & Wellness  –

Insync Physio Sports & Orthopedic Rehab  – has 2 locations in North Burnaby and Vancouver  –

Kinesiologists/Personal Trainers

Nicole Yamanaka –

Dasha Maslennikova – has 2 locations in North Burnaby and Yaletown

Mark Salgado  –


Illa Cassleman – Thuja Wellness


Azi Mohammadian – Azi Counselling and Associates  –

This is just a small number of contacts I have. I have many more in different areas and fields so if you need any further help then please contact me I will try and assist you.